Det sista om twilight någonsin?

Blir det här den sista informationen om twilight sagans inspelningar?
Det känns jätte jobbigt att det har filmat klart och jag tror jag talar för det flesta twilight-fans när jag säger att vi hoppas att det kommer en film om Bree Tanner!!

We’d like to congratule the whole Twilight team and everyone who’s made these four films possible. Producers and actors have been working non-stop since 2007 to bring the Twilight series to life.
It’s been 4 wonderful years of premieres, interviews, events, parties and hard work.  Sadly, Breaking Dawn filming has wrapped in Vancouver. Yesterday (Saturday night) the cast and crew celebrated not only Kristen Stewart’s birthday but also the end of the shooting, in a big ‘wrap-party’.
Although there’s a rumor regarding two last filming dates (somewhere outside Vancouver) nothing’s been confirmed yet, and as we reported earlier, the cast is expected to fly back to their respective cities throughout the week.
It’s such a sad moment to everyone, buf of course Twilight will always be with us. We have the books, the dvd’s, the memories and yet two more movies to come!


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