Scener som kan läggas till i Hunger Spelen

The fan sites weigh in - Scenes not in the book that could be suitable for the film

Adapting a beloved book for the big screen is a testy venture. If you stick too closely to the source material, you run the risk of alienating non-book fans as well as potentially working with a story that simply isn't fitting for the film format. Then again, should changes be made, filmmakers could also feel the wrath of fans desperate to keep the story intact.

Of course we want the film to do the book justice, but there's no harm in finding a happy medium. In fact, The Hob and Theresa of Down With The Capitol have narrowed it down some prime parts missing from the book that could make for fantastic big screen moments.

1) Flashback to Mr. and Mrs. Everdeen meeting (Maybe one detailing how Peeta's father was in love with Mrs. Everdeen, too.)

We think this one is important because it will shed some light on the relationship between Katniss' parents, driving home exactly why Mrs. Everdeen fell into such a deep depression after her husband died, which led Katniss to resent her and having to be the primary caregiver of her family. If we see some flashbacks between her parents, it will really show readers how in love they were and why it destroyed Mrs. Everdeen so immensely that she couldn't even pull out of the depression for her own children. (The Hob)

2) Family interviews

It'd be interesting to see the interviews with the friends and families of the final eight tribute in the arena. I'm curious to see how The Capitol interviewer spins the happenings in the arena for the audience. (Theresa)

3) Flashback to Haymitch in the games

We don't think this is likely as they will probably merely state that as the District 12 mentor, he's a previous victor, while the effects will be visible through his behavior. His back story comes into play more in Catching Fire, but it would be nice to show Haymitch as a likable person and not just the drunken, rude, brash guy that Katniss first meets. (The Hob)

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