Hejdå Aboutvampires!

Nu säger jag hejdå till den här bloggen!
Jag har inte tid att uppdatera den själv, men!!
Jag ska börja blogga på Twilightmovie istället! Hoppas att ni kollar in den bloggen, dock handlar den bara om twilight och inget annat som jag skrivit på den här bloggen tidigare.

Hoppas att ni har tyckt om den här bloggen hitills, och hoppas att ni läser TM, det ska bli super roligt att så blogga där!

"Det är okej att känna"

Det här är ett videoklipp om ung cancer. Något jag tyckte var bra och som jag vill dela med mig.

Kristen Stewart i Musikvideo

Marcus Foster – I Was Broken

The Click Clique: Christina Grimmie and Booboo & Fivel Stewart! (8/30/11)

The Hunger Games Teaser Trailer!

HÄR kan ni se en underbar teaser på THG Trailern!
så fin! den kom ut inatt

Abduction new poster

The Vampire Diaries in The rolling stones

Klicka på bilden för att se den i fullstorlek
Klicka på bilden för att se den i fullstorlek
Fler bilder finns här :)

Grattis Jennifer!

Idag fyller Jennifer Lawrence år! Grattis!

Team Jacob

Dagens bild

Dakota och hennes syster Elle

Isabelle Fuhrman (Clove District 2)


Kristen Stewart Snow White

Första bilden på Kristen i Filmen Snow White and the Huntsman

Dagens bild(er)

Taylor på Comic-con

MTV Funny clip

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EW intervju

Entertainment Weekly har intervjuat Liam och Josh. Här är artikeln de släppte i samband med framsidan på Gale och Peeta.
We sat down with Josh Hutcherson, the 18-year-old actor whom director Gary Ross fought hard to cast as the deeply decent Peeta Mellark, at a cozy diner in Asheville, NC, where The Hunger Games shoot was mid-way through filming. His hair was dyed blonde; his newly pumped-up biceps could believably belong to that of a baker's son. And while Hutcherson (The Kids Are All Right) understands fans' hand-wringing online, he's here to assure you that Lawrence will not in fact tower over him on screen. "Jennifer's not two feet taller than me!" he says with his easy laugh. "If anything, maybe she's a half inch taller."

And Ross assures devotees of the books that 21-year-old Liam Hemsworth, who'll play Katniss' righteous childhood confidante Gale, is more than just some Australian beefcake who starred in Miley Cyrus' last movie. "On first glance he's such a hunk that it's easy to just sort of ascribe a hunk-like simplicity to him," says the director. "But this is a phenomenally subtle actor."
Although Peeta and Gale circle each other warily throughout the series, it turns out that Hutcherson and Hemsworth bonded hard during their six weeks together on set. So much so that Hutcherson brought Hemsworth along on a weekend visit to his hometown in Kentucky to relax with his family and sample his Grandmother's famous fried chicken. "I think it's going to blow people's minds when they see that Peeta and Gale are actually best friends in real life," says Hutcherson.

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