Haymitch Spelas av John C. Reilly

Det har gått mycket rykten om att John C. Reilly ska få rollen som Haymitch. Men han har ännu inte fått ett erbjudande har det blivit bekräftat. Det verkar som att han väljer mellan filmerna "Trollkarlen från oz" och "Hungerspelen".

Här kommer tre skäl till varför John ska få rollen enligt MTV:
1. He'll bring the funny.
And that's important, because before Haymitch turns out to be a major player in the Panem uprising, he's... um, kind of a tool. John's comic expertise and unparalleled bumbling abilities make him an excellent dystopian oaf.

2. ...BUT, he's a serious actor. Like, Academy Award-nominated serious (for his role in "Chicago," by the way, where he also played a comic sad-sack. Dude's got talent!). Haymitch's surprising and unexpected complexity is one of the things that makes him a great character, and John's ability to combine Will Ferrell-esque buffoonery with a hidden well of Endless Sadness will come in handy for the big reveal.

3. He looks the part. Oh yes, he does. Sure, Haymitch is meant to have been a one-time hottie—but years of hitting the bottle take their toll, y'all. So by the time the 74th Hunger Games roll around, Haymitch's bad habits will have turned him from a lithe, lean killing machine into a doughy old drunk with a face like mashed potatoes.



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